In reading for British Baptist History with Dr. Finn this week was on one of the founders of the Baptist movement in England, John Spilsbury. There were many things that Spilsbury was passionate about, and many things in the reading that were just something I couldn’t agree with, to the things that made me laugh, and there were those things that edified mee. The following quote is one of the things that edifyed me:

We have the same Spirit, who enables men to preach Christ crucified, which though to some a stumbling blocke, and to others foolishnesse, yet to many appears to by the power of God, by which they are brought to believe in Jesus Christ for eternall life and glory. And thus we have the same Gospel, the same faith, the same Christ, and so the same way to salvation as they formerly had; and these means doth God appoint, and approve, and bless for the effecting of this great worke of salvation to us now, as well as unto others and magnifie the great Name of so gracious a God, that hath done such great things for us, to keepe himselfe a Name, and witnesse in the earth.

I really liked this, the power of the cross, and the ability to preach it. Preach it and preach the resurrected Christ. Preach the gospel that is active in the life of the believer. All of these things that we might fulfill the chief end of man, to magnify, or bring glory to a gracious God. Who is going to continue his promises of old, establishing his name, and using his bride to share his love to the nations.


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