Crucifige, Crucifige!

Easter is quickly approaching, and being at Southeastern they think it is important, so much so we get a week of from classes(and work since I’ve been given the week off). Its quite exciting with plenty of time to read, study, and write papers. Basically a good time to get away from school. Lately I’ve been reading the Gospel of John not a book called the gospel of John, but John’s gospel in the New Testament. Amazingly enough I’m getting to the crucifixion right now. Its really humbling to read. I’m still amazed by chapter 17 of the gospel. Jesus prayed for me. But in all of my reading, I got to the cross, and I can’t get the 22nd Psalm out of my head.

Here is a link: Psalm 22 if you care to read. I’m not going to attempt to write a sermon on it right here, though it is a future idea. I’m feeling more convicted about my absence of studying the OT, and reading it. Bottom line, the Psalm is about Jesus. It shows the ultimate sacrifice, and I feel as though sometimes I’ve forgotten the price paid. I pray this Easter that across this nation, as people who come to church, maybe only twice a year would hear the gospel message. Jesus Christ- Crucified, Dead, Buried, and Resurrected. This is my saving grace, though I yell Crucifige, Crucifige!


One thought on “Crucifige, Crucifige!

  1. I had never read Psalm 22 before and I thank you greatly for showing this. That is one of the most beautiful pictures of Christ I’ve read. Amen brother, Amen.Happy Easter, Maranatha!

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