Who not to Date…

So I know that I’ve already posted twice about singleness and dating. But I felt as though I must share some wisdom with the world from Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure

Today in class we were all asked to tell a little bit about our research papers and the work of literature that we read. I chose this wonderfully controversial work. To make a long story the same length, Jude marries a girl named Arabella. Jude growing up desired to go to college and become a clergy man in the Anglican Church. So he taught himself the classics. For you Southeastern College cool kids he was a History of Ideas student. So as I’m reading I come to a passage that is the perfect example of the woman not to marry:

‘Leave my books alone!’ he said. ‘You might have thrown them aside if you had liked, but as to soiling them like that, it is disgusting!’ In the operation of making lard Arabella’s hands had become smeared with the hot grease, and her fingers consequently left very perceptible imprints on the book-covers. She continued deliberately to toss the books severally upon the floor, till Jude, incensed beyond bearing, caught be by the arms to make her leave off.”

I don’t really know how to end this post. Just don’t date/marry that kind of girl cause she is truly crooked deep down.


4 thoughts on “Who not to Date…

  1. Allen,We should actually be describing the girl that we should be dating.She is the girl who buys us the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit set (for you) or, in my case…Teh Gottingen Lxx.Ah, to dream.Dougald

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