The name of my blog is the Tulip Field. I have dozens of links on the side of my blog that I feel can be very helpful, many of which are from individuals and ministries that would call themselves Calvinist. So it is no secret which sotierological camp I take residence in. But I’ve grown and am growing quite frustrated. People often ask, or find out by some means or another where I stand on the whole Calvinism/Arminianism/Semi-Palagian issue.

I don’t have any problem telling someone where I stand. But more often times than not when I tell someone where I stand if they are not a Calvinist I get an immediate assumption. The assumption in way, shape, form, or fashion is that all Calvinist are hyper. I have yet to meet a hyper-calvinist. I am grateful to be able to be apart of a Southern Baptist church, go to a Southern Baptist school, and hopefully continue to serve under the SBC. I am so grateful for the Great Commission mindset of my school, church, and convention. What I do not understand is why anyone who is hyper would want to have anything to do with the SBC

I don’t think people are robots, I think they are dead outside of Christ. I have a really hard time seeing how a dead person can will anything. I see no reason why I cannot believe in the 5 Points of Calvinism, and and still desire with all of my being to see people with hearts of stone be transformed by the sovereign grace of Christ Jesus into hearts of flesh.

Shy of a couple shots too many of espresso you will not find me to be hyper.

4 thoughts on “Ranting…

  1. The whole debate gets lost in assumptions, exaggerations and caricatures. Just laugh at people who assume you’re a hyper-Calvinist and tell them to read about the many, many Calvinist missionaries. You know, those couple of random, obscure characters like William Carey, Adoniram Judson, and, well, most of the early (modern) missionaries. Then, just make sure you don’t treat non-Calvinists the same way.

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