A Bit of Excitement

I am ever so excited to see how God is working in my church. His provision is astonishing. We haven’t had our official launch, but we’ve been trying to push toward that for quite sometime. It looks like we shall launch officially next month. Through prayer and the diligence of those who have been able to help out we’ve had nearly 180 families respond in a positive manner to phone calls we placed to the community. We had six or seven people visit for the first time today. It might not seem like much, but when the group that meets is between thirty and forty it is a good number of people.

God has sent people with a servants heart from other established churches to join along side of our body to advance his kingdom. Dozens of hours have been volunteered to labor on up fitting our building. Churches across Harrnet, Johnston, and Wake counties have been praying for us, and helping us our financially. The church has such a vision for reaching the community for the glory of God, and then planting more churches to do the same in other areas. God has blessed us with a pastor of teaching whose life is saturated in His word. We have a couple who lead us to worship the Lord through music who glorify God in the way the lead us, the music they’ve written, and how Christ is reflected in their lives.

There is a passion in the church for the gospel of the kingdom to be preached from Angier and all across the globe. There is a zeal with our staff to disciple the members of the body of Christ who are at Graceway.

God is good.

If you would join us in praying for the people who will wall through our doors and for us who are already there that we might be faithful servants of the Lord Jesus.



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