Wisdom from BetweenTheTimes

Thank you to Dr. Alvin Reid and Dr. Nathan Finn! These two men have a zeal for the word of God and the Great Commission, and are contributors for a blog of several Southeastern professors called BetweenTheTimes.

The two of them differ soteriologically. They composed open letters to their friends in the SBC addressing the differences between soteirological systems(Calvinism/Arminianism/and the orthodoxy in betewen). These two men really speak to issues that have been close to my heart over the past 4 years. I’ve had some pretty heated discussions with some close friends in the past, and I’ve found myself in repentance of doing so. I wish I’d been able to read these letters years ago.

I advise reading them, both of them to further educate yourself on both sides of an often times heated issue, the heart of which should be the gospel and its proclamation.

If you are a calvinist or non-calvinist, read them.

Dr. Reid’s letter to his Calvinist friends.

Dr. Finn’s letter to his non-Calvinist friends.



One thought on “Wisdom from BetweenTheTimes

  1. Allen, my heart has been encouraged by reading the letters of these two great men. I am further encouraged to read your blog post. My prayers for the SBC will be renewed with hope for the future because of such efforts. Here is another approach from me, that I wish every pastor and church leader could read. It is from my heart.Pressing Ever OnEddie Williamshttp://pressingonwitheddie.blogspot.com/2009/02/tale-of-former-southern-baptist-fighter.html

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