Being Intentional with the Gospel

Right now I am enrolled in Personal Evangelism at Southeastern and I absolutely love the class. I’m learning new things every class that prepare me to be a more effective gospel witness. One of the things that my prof. and our texts have been giving much emphasis to is being intentional in sharing the gospel. Being intentional on how you live your everyday life. Going to the same places over and over to build relationships so that you can engage in gospel centered conversations. I absolutely agree and have tried to do so a bit in the past, but the idea is now in the front of my mind more than ever.

I had a bit of an illustrative moment as I was walking down the beach on Masonboro last week. Every time I go to the beach I always look for shells. I’ve passed over probably hundreds of thousands of shells in my lifetime. But ever since I took Oceanography in high school, I learned a lot more about shells. I have began to notice shells like I have never noticed them before. I used to be nothing more than a surf fisherman who just wanted to get out a line. But now I’ve found myself being more attentive to the shells beneath my feet.

We pass hundreds of people everyday as Christians, and we often think no more about the lostness of the people we pass then I did when I crunched shells beneath the boot of my size 13 chest waders.

But now I’ve been taught of the shells around me and I begin to look for certain shells. When I went to Masonboro I managed to find 4 beautiful whelks, like the one above. All because I kept my eyes open.

We pass hundreds of people in our lives, and we must be aware that the vast majority of them do not have a relationship with Jesus. We must be intentional in sharing the gospel. We must become aware of the people around us, and be willing to build relationships. At times ever get up and walk away from the pleasant firm sand of life to trudge up the berm and pick up the shell we see out of the corner of our eye. Maybe even be willing to get our feet wet when we see a shell rolling around and being beaten by the surf.

Are we willing to walk a bit further to share the good news of our Savior’s love, are we willing to get our feet wet?



2 thoughts on “Being Intentional with the Gospel

  1. Allen you heart for the lost inspires me :). Thanks for the encouragement to go out and seek those who are lost in this dark world and showing them the guiding light of our Lord and SaviOR Jesus Christ. I pray that others would have this fire that you hold inside and that the fire would spread that the gates of Hell may not prevail against it. Stand strong, speak softly, and carry a big stick that the demons may tremble when they walk Kure Beach, knowing that the Gospel is alive and well there. I love you buddy!

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