So I’ve been reading Why Were Not Emergent
(By two guys who should be)
and I couldn’t help but share a paragraph that doesn’t really have a whole lot to the emergent church, but it humored me so. This can be grouped in there with the guy whose wife got him a birthday cake that looked like a copy of Institutes from the 17th century.

At any rate, my friend David is more than eager to talk about postmodernism, emergent, theology and the like. I think every church probably has a David or two–he is the rare college student who is passionate about theology, and feels a little bit like an outsider because of it. I wouldn’t go so far as to put him in the “rabid young John Piper groupies” department, but if he met a beautiful young girl wearing glasses, no makeup, and an indie-rock T-shirt, reading Calvin’s Institutes, he probably wouldn’t hesitate to ask her to “court.”

Sound slightly familiar? Maybe so, maybe not but it humored this probably rabid young Piperite.


3 thoughts on “Humoured

  1. I’m enjoyin it so far, it is an easy read. In two sittings I’ve read half of it. But I think its a great thing to read to let people know what is really going on in the Emergent movement and some of the dangers it poses by moving outside of Orthodoxy.

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