Brother Martin

I’m writing an exegesis for my NT introduction class on 1 John 4:1-6 and I picked up Luther’s commentary on the Catholic Epistles. I’m really starting to utilize the fact we have two complete sets of all his works. Primarily because I read things like the following:

For the devil never rests. Thus exhortation and the use of God’s word are needed everywhere. It is a living and powerful Word. But we snore and are lazy. It is the Word of Life. But we are in death every day. And because we are never without sins and the danger of death, we should never cease to ruminate on the word.

Booyah Brother Martin!

Luther hits the nail on the head here, his exhortation to us to be in the word of God to combat the snares of the Devil are priceless. May we take heed to the words of Brother Martin.


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