A God Entranced Vision of All Things

Summer reading begins, and it begins with A God entranced vision of all things: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards. Last summer I read a bit by Thomas Watson and John Owen. Those readings were wonderful, and I would recommend Owen and Watson to anyone who wants to dive into the deeper things of God and further their walk with the Lord. I’ve always had an appreciation for everything I’ve read by Edwards(which hasn’t been a whole lot, but appreciated nevertheless). I’m a huge fan of John Piper and Piper is a bigger fan of Edwards than anyone else I’ve seen in the evangelical world. So I picked up this book on sale at the campus bookstore for some summer reading. It is a collection of essays or articles if you will by several different individuals, including: Dever, Packer, and Piper. I started today and read the first four chapters, and I must say I am encouraged. I’m learning with each page I read why Dr. Piper has such an appreciation for Edwards.

Seeing how the book is about Jonathan Edwards, his life, and the legacy that lives on over 250 years after his death the book is filled with quotations by Edwards.

The one Piper said was the most influential of Edwards writing was this:

“God is glorified not only by His glory being seen, but by its being rejoiced in”

If you’ve not heard of Christian hedonism, this could be a supporting thesis. God has created us for his glory, but also that we might enjoy God. Finding ever lasting joy in the supremacy of Christ in all things in our life, enjoying him in all that we do, so that we might bring him glory; this is the message I’m finding preached by Edwards that lives on today.

Chapter three of the book was written by Dr. Piper’s wife, Noel. She wrote on the wife of Jonathan, Sarah Edwards. But something I thought was really cool, was the character of Edwards’ wife. George Whitefield came and preached at Jonathan’s church, where Jonathan wept through most of the 4 sermons he preached. But in staying with the Edwards family Whitefield noted the character of Sarah Edwards. Whitefield wrote of the family:

Felt so wonderful satisfaction in being in the house of Mr. Edwards. He is a Son himself, and hath also a Daughter of Abraham for his wife. A sweeter couple I have not yet seen. Their children were dressed not in silks and satins, but plain, as becomes the children of those who, in all things ought to be examples of Christian simplicity. She is a woman adorned with a meek and quiet spirit, talked feelingly and solidly of the Things of God, and seemed to be such a help meet for her husband, that she caused me to renew those prayers, which, for many months I have put up to God, that he would be pleased to send me a daughter of Abraham to be my wife.

Things to observe, and a prayer to pray as a 20 year old as I reflect and pray that God would perhaps send to me a daughter of Abraham.

There is much to glean from the life of Jonathan Edwards across the board while looking at his walk with the Lord and his Christian ministry. (Perhaps there will be more posts about Prof. Edwards and this book in the coming days)

If you want to purchase the book you can buy it here.



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