I am absolutely spoiled. I find myself right now complaining that I left my bible in my truck. I have 11 others in reach right now without even getting up. What is wrong with me? So stinking spoiled. I’m on the internet right now with money (not much, but nevertheless I have it) in my pocket. I have unlimited access to all the resources for education that I could ever need and want. While people are trading off pages of the scriptures to one another and having their heads roll if they get caught with it. I witnessed hundreds of dollars spent today on animals that soon shall perish with much lament, while I know hundreds of people shall die un-noticed due to malnutrition in the next 24 hours.

In moments like these I just need to repent of my own greed, gluttony, sloth, and idolatry before God. Then besiege Him to send me somewhere. Because I really feel like if I had the resources I could jump the pond right now. But jumping the pond may not be the solution, it might be to go to a place here State side that no one else wants to be at. Church plants pop up in Wilmington all the time (I know people in Wilmington need Jesus) but when are the middle class white people going to do something for the people they do not even know that scare them and cause them to lock their door when they drive through that part of town, just because the people living there aren’t the same skin color?

A frustrated, jaded, unprepared, sincere “send me.”


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