D-Rec also known as Disaster Recovery is what Wednesday through Saturday will consist of for myself and a group of people from River of Leland and Southside headed to Boone, NC. I am excited to say the least I absolutely love going on these trips. They are a ministry of the North Carolina Baptist Men. They respond to pretty much everything you can think of that fits under the category of disaster from the World Trade Center Attacks by feeding workers, to years spent in Gulfport Mississippi doing recovery and rebuild following Hurricane Katrina, responding to tornadoes by rebuilding destroyed homes, removing mud from flooded out homes, and the list goes on here in the States and across the globe.

Its pretty amazing to see how God works on these trips. God can use a tree following through someones house as an open door for a presentation of the gospel. Some of these people may not ever hear the gospel if it were not for shattered trees all over their property following an ice storm. We have these trailers full of chainsaws, chaps, 4 Wheelers and tractors but they are just tools. Tools that are means to an end, an open chance to share the good news that God himself has given the greatest gift of all to man kind, himself. While saws are running hard in the background and there is a chain of buckets of mud out of a basement someone is sharing the good news of Jesus. That is why I love these trips the most. I love being able to fellowship with brothers and sisters as we serve others, but what is more important than any tree being removed is knowing that God is being exalted and exulted in. That with the use of some saws it might be seen that Christ has supremacy over all things, and that all the things that have happened to people in the midst of chaos is not beyond his control. It gives the church an opportunity to show that the work of Christ is more valuable than their own time and money.

So with these things said I ask that you would pray for the teams that are already there working, the team that will leave tomorrow, and the teams that will follow. Pray for us to have safe travels. Pray for us to have a safe trip with no injuries on the job site. Pray that we have genuine fellowship and that men and women would grow closer to Christ on this trip. Most importantly pray with me that those working might be able to say and live out that, “the greatest cause in the world is joyfully rescuing people from hell, meeting their earthly needs, making them glad in God, and doing it with a kind, serious pleasure that makes Christ look like the Treasure he is.”

May God be glorified in the work of his saints and the proclamation of the gospel in Boone.


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