I read yesterday in the Biblical Recorder this article. A SBC pastor has been questioning if the Great Commission Resurgence proposed in the Southern Baptist Convention right now can include him due to the kind of pants he wears when he is preaching and the type of preaching he does.

Confession: I get terribly tired of the pants discussion. I think I may have written on this before, but I really can’t remember. There always seems to be some kind of debate about what kinds of clothes one wears when they preach and go to church. There are some ideas in different camps about pants, really there are ideas about clothes in general. There is one side that says you must “wear your best” on Sunday morning. This probably means a coat and tie. If you don’t wear those things you are shunned. There is also a side that says “come as you are” which probably means jeans and a shirt with a collar that isn’t tucked in.

Often times I think the guys who wear jeans to corporate worship on Sundays (which I do probably 90 percent of the time) have become the guys in suits. Wearing a coat and tie to a jeansy place on Sunday might get you shunned and called a pharisee. When you go to a coat and tie place, wearing jeans might get you called a heathen.

My take? Wear clothes to church. Don’t be a naked Anabaptist. Don’t wear that which is going to show off. If you do, you’re trying to draw attention to yourself, that is not what life is about. Life is about making much of Jesus. When you wear your clothes to corporate worship don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing. Corporate worship is about just that, worshiping as the body of Christ. Its about having real genuine biblical fellowship with the triune God and the bride of Christ. God is looking for those who worship him in Spirit and in truth not jeans and a button down plaid shirt or a coat and tie. True worshipers of the Father will be dressed in suits with ties tomorrow and in jeans. There will be worshipers of the Father who worship him in Spirit and truth who will walk barefooted tomorrow to gather. There will be those who can lose their lives for worshiping corporately tomorrow. We are worried about pants? Glorify God and don’t die on the hill of your theology of pants.


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