Stott on being a wise and resourceful theologian

I love this quote I was sent this morning from John Stott. I had a conversation on a radio show chat room this past Sunday night with some fundamentalists and an Atheist. This quote brings me back to that conversation and I’m sure you can imagine why.

The fact that God has revealed himself in Christ and in Scripture does not rule out intellectual exploration. The theologian is no more inhibited from theological research because God has revealed himself in Scripture than the scientist is inhibited from scientific research because God has revealed himself in nature. Both are limited to the data (which, to oversimplify, are nature on the one hand, Scripture on the other), but within the limits that the data themselves impose, the Creator encourages us to use our minds freely and creatively. If, therefore, by the myth of God incarnate were meant the mystery of the incarnation, we would have no quarrel with the concept. The church has always acknowledged that the incarnation is a mystery beyond the full comprehension of human minds. A humble, reverent exploration of what God has revealed of himself in Christ is the essence of true christological scholarship.

–From ‘Truth, Heresy and Discipline in the Church’, “Christianity Today” (10 March 1978).


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