George Whitefield: What Think Ye of Christ?

Some, and I fear a multitude which no man can easily number, there are among us, who call themselves Christians, and yet seldom or never seriously think of Jesus Christ at all. They can think of their shops and their farms, their plays, their balls, their assemblies, and horse races (entertainments which tend to exclude religion out of the world); but as for Christ, the Author and Finisher of faith, the Lord who has bought poor sinners with his precious blood, and who is the only thing worth thinking of, alas! he is not in all, or at most in very few of their thoughts. But believe me, O you earthly, sensual, carnally minded professors, however little you may think of Christ now, or however industriously you may strive to keep him out of your thoughts, by pursuing the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life, yet there is a time coming, when you will wish you had thought of Christ more and of your profits and pleasures less. For the charmed, the polite, the rich also must die as well as others, and leave their pomps and vanities and all their wealth behind them. And oh! what thoughts will you entertain concerning Jesus Christ that hour?

–from What Think Ye of Christ?, a sermon by George Whitefield on Matthew 22:42


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