The Bible in a year…

I’ve never been able to sit down and follow a reading plan of the whole bible in a year. I always find myself just sitting and basking at texts. Meditations often turn into blog posts or sermons. But I think in 2011 I want to try it again. Really try it again. I’m gonna try to go the John Piper route in reading through in a year by using the Discipleship Journal Bible Plan. It has 25 readings a month, so if you get behind you can catch up. I also think I’m gonna pick up an extra Moleskine so I can journal my thoughts as I’m reading through. If you read my blog you’ll see the results I’m sure. Anyone else gonna give it a shot this year? I pray it will be profitable, and being that it’s the living word of God, I’m sure it shall.

soli deo gloria


One thought on “The Bible in a year…

  1. I’ve been using Horner’s 10 chapters a day system. I’m just praying fir better dedication this year. I hate systems, too. But I think they may be a necessary evil.

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