The Priority of Preaching – John Cheesman

Yesterday I bought a little Banner of Truth Trust pamphlet by John Cheeseman. Its title is the Priority of Preaching. You can buy it here.

I’ll share an excerpt:

In western society and to a certain extent within today’s church, there is a pervasive mood that is strongly anti-authority. In our ‘post-modern’ age everyone has his convictions and these are considered to be just as good as those expressed by the preacher in the pulpit. ‘Who does the preacher think he is, that he should presume to lay down the law?’ Many people no longer acknowledge absolute or universal truth . In their understanding everything is relative and subject to one’s own interpretation and point of view. What may be true for one person is not necessarily true for another.

Against this kind of thinking we need to assert that God has revealed himself to mankind. There is an authority inherent in Christianity that cannot be destroyed. Christian doctrines are not the inventions of men but the revelation of God. God has revealed the truth that Christians believe. Absolute truth exists and demands our obedience. This truth we much preach to our congregations.

If you don’t want to purchase it, you can read it for free here online. I commend you if you are a preacher of the gospel to read this little lecture. If you are a frequent hearer of the gospel I also encourage you to read it. Cheeseman has a good grasp on what gospel proclamation is. I think this lecture to extremely valuable to the young preacher and to the seasoned as well. It is biblical and practical and seeks to teach preachers to be likewise. Enjoy and may it prove to be beneficial.


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