Boldly Proclaiming the Text as the Norm, a Cordial from Spurgeon

Readers, please remember that it is not my objective to extol doctrine that is the most popular or most palatable, nor do I desire to set forth the views of any one individual. My one aim is to give what I judge to be the meaning of the text. I probably deliver doctrinal principles that many of you may not like. Truly, I would not be at all surprised if you did not like it. Even if you become vexed and angry, I will not be at all alarmed, because I have never believed that I was commissioned to teach what would please my readers or that I was expected by sensible and gracious people to shape my views to suit the notions of my audience. I count myself responsive to God and to the text. If I explain the meaning of the text, I believe that I will give the mind of God and will be likely to have His favor, which will be sufficient for me–whoever may contradict me. However, let every candid mind be willing to receive the truth if what I am expressing is clearly in the inspired Word.

– C.H. Spurgeon


One thought on “Boldly Proclaiming the Text as the Norm, a Cordial from Spurgeon

  1. This was REFRESHING to read. Sometimes people’s contradictions can distract you from what you know is TRUE. But I like what a pastor once told me, “Let the dogs bark, but the caravan keeps moving.” Either get on the bus or get out of the way. Thanks for sharing such a profound BLOG. It truly BLESSED me and it ENCOURAGES me to keep pressing on with my God-Given Vision.

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