The Spirit With Which We Should Study Theology

For quite a while I’ve been wanting to read James P. Boyce’s Abstract of Systematic Theology. Now my desire is coming true as I ordered it last week. The book came in today and so began my reading.  It hasn’t taken long to notice that Boyce wants his readers to be better worshipers. His cause is truly an admirable one that is working out unto its end. What little I’ve read so far encourages the readers to do more than simply read about theology. One of the things I’ve found to be edifying so far is a list of how we should study theology in spirit. They’re worth sharing, and applying.

These facts show with what spirit we should study Theology:
1) With reverence for truth, and especially for the truth taught in the word of God.

2) With earnest prayer for Divine help.

3) With careful searching of the heart against prejudice.

4) With timidity, as to the reception and propagation of new doctrine.

5) But with a spirit willing and anxious to examine, and to accept whatever we may be convinced is true.

6) With teachable humility, which, knowing that God has not taught us in his word all the truth that exist, not even all the truth on many a single point, accept with implicit faith all that he has taught, and awaits his own time for that more full revelation which shall remove all our present perplexities.


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