Consider Obedience

God is your sovereign king. It is your happiness to obey and please him. Labour therefore to bring your soul into absolute subjection to him: to make it your delight to sincerely and exactly obey his will. What does it mean to have absolute submission to God? When it is deep rooted, fixed, and natural to us. When it is the habit our daily course of life. When it constantly keeps the soul in attendance upon the will of God. When it seeks obedience to all his commandments, and is resolute, powerful, and victorious against temptations to disobedience. When it is voluntary and delightful to obey him with the utmost of our power.

This full subjection and obedience is difficult, but she should not hesitate to use every effort to attain it. How?

1) Consider God’s government. Should he not rule the creatures he has created? Should Christ not rule the souls he has purchased? Should not the Holy Spirit rule the souls he has regenerated?

2) God is perfectly fit to govern you. His interest is for your good. He is our dearest friend and Father, and loves us better than we love ourselves.

3) Consider how unable and unfit you are to govern yourself. We are blind, ignorant, and biased by a corrupted will and turbulent passions.

4) Consider the rewards prepared for obedience and the punishment for disobedience. God is far from being indifferent whether you obey his laws or not.

5) Consider the joys of full obedience. All is at ease within us, our food is pleasant, our sleep is sweet, our labour is easy, and our life is a pleasure. God owns us and our conscience speaks peace and comfort to us.

6) Consider our endless rewards: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!’ God will rule, whether you obey or not. Consent to be obedient, or he will punish you without asking your consent.

– Richard Baxter, from A Christian Directory 1:75-77


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