Thankfulness in Prayer – A wise word from Isaac Watts

I’ve slowly been reading Isaac Watt’s book A Guide to Prayer and its teaching me much. Praise the Lord for Watts and his book, nearly 300 years later still producing gospel growth in the Kingdom.

Watts speaks much of thanksgiving in prayer and this paragraph is one of several certainly worth sharing:

We must give thanks for the benefits we receive as an answer to prayer. Whatever blessings we have sought at the hands of God demand our acknowledgements to his goodness when we become receivers… We learn to give glory to God for our deliverance from evils temporal and spiritual and our hopes of deliverance from the evils that are eternal; for the communication of good for soul and body and our comfortable expectation of the eternal happiness of both; for mercies bestowed on churches, on nations, on our governors, on our relatives and friends, as well as ourselves. And we should rejoice in our praises and say to the Lord ‘Truly thou art a God that hearest prayer, and thou hast not despised the cry of those that sought thee. We ourselves are witnesses that thou dost not bid thy people seek thy face in vain.’


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