Heavenly Glory of the Suffering Servant

The intenseness of his love had not been set off so amiably in a light and easy death, as in a painful and shameful suffering; and though the greatness of his merit and the fullness of his satisfaction did principally arise from the dignity of the suffering person, yet some consideration might be also had of the greatness of his suffering. Not only his death, as he was considered equal with God, but his shameful death in the circumstance of the cross, is a mark of his obedience and a cause of his exaltation. Both were regarded in the crown of glory, and that high dignity wherein he was instated, so that the sum of Christ’s speech amounts to this much: be not doubtful whether the person so lately suffering, whom you account so great a prophet, were the Messiah.

You clearly may see in the prophets that nothing hath been inflicted on him but what was predicted of him; so that it is not merely the malice of man that hath caused him those sufferings; that was only a means god in his infinite wisdom used to bring about his own counsel. He was not forced to what he suffered, but willingly delieverd himself up to perform the charge and office of a Redeemer, which could not else have been accomplished by him; and that glory which you expected, was not by the order of God to be conferred upon him till he abased himself to such a passion. He will have a glory to your comfort, though not answering your carnal expectations. Be not dejected, but recover your hopes of redemption which you seem to have lost, and let them be rectified in the expectation, not of an earthly, but a heavenly glory.

– Stephen Charnock, from The Works of Stephen Charnock Vol. 5 Truth and Life. Banner of Truth


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