Joshua’s Conquest and Our Daily Need for Gospel Remembrance

Here of late I’ve been reading the book of Joshua in the evenings. It has been a while since I’ve read this part of Israel’s history and this part of the Lord’s plan of redemption. Chapter 12 is certainly a chapter of remembrance for the people of Israel. It’s much like the summary at the end of a book or the end of a length chapter of a book. Chapter 12 is the summary of the warfare that took place in the conquest of the land up until that particular point in Israel’s history.

If you read Chapter 12 its a bit like saying, the Allies won the Second World War. We all know that the Allied Forces had victory in the Second World War. But saying such a thing speaks volumes in the annals of history. These are volumes that speak of the death of tens of thousands of men, women, and children.  It was hard bloody work that brought us to VE and VJ Days. So it was with Israel when we read Chapter 12.

Likewise it is with the Christian. Our lives won’t make the headlines saying “VICTORY IN EUROPE!” nor shall we have a chapter of the Canon devoted to us. But we are in need of a VE Day reminder and a Joshua 12 in our lives daily. We need a reminder that we are where we are because of bloodshed. We are where we are because of a God orchestrated and sanctioned events. The Lord Jesus won our victory upon his cross. He has brought us into the Kingdom that he promised. He has allotted us a portion in the Kingdom greater than that allotted to the 12 tribes of Israel. He came as a greater prophet than Moses and a greater General than Joshua. He is our King, Priest, and Prophet, and we need not quickly forget the conquest he made over his enemies and ours: sin and death. He conquered them both and will forever reign victorious over his enemies.

Beloved, might we remember what Christ has done for us! Might we forever recall the work of the gospel in our lives, never to forget his victory. Never to slip back into a desire for the slavery of Egypt and never to slip into the paganism over which our King is victorious.  His victory is greater than Joshua and our inheritance is greater than Israel’s, for the kingdom is at hand and we shall dwell in the Land forever with our King-Priest.

– To Him be glory forever and ever, Amen. –


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