My Already Kicked the Bucket List

Many have seen the movie ‘The Bucket List’ and many people have written their very own bucket lists. But after having a conversation with Bishop Canuel the other night, I decided that I’m going to write an ‘Already Kicked the Bucket List.’ These of course are things that will never happen, yet, would be pretty nifty if they did.

I. Smoke a cigar with Spurgeon. (This is the idea that sparked this post.)

II. Fear Luther’s chasing of the Devil while discussing transubstantiation and enjoying a stein of Katharina’s finest.

III. Billfish with Hemingway.

IV.  Correspond with Calvin via letter.

V. Fry and eat frog legs with Justin Wilson

VI. Ask Karl Barth what on God’s green earth was he actually talking about half the time.

VII.  Learn Hebrew from John Gill.

VIII. Read through Philemon with Boyce, Manly, Williams, and Broadus.

IX. Hear Whitefield when he preached in Wilmington.

X. Hunt with Theodore Roosevelt.

XI. Watch C.B. Stubblefield cook barbecue.

XII. Attend a Holy Club meeting with the Wesley’s and Whitefield.

XIII. Be a fly on the wall at the Eagle and Child while the Inklings met.

XIV. Sneak a Baptist in the back door of the Westminster Assembly.

XV. Spend some time in India with William Carey.

XVI. Visit John Bunyan in prison.

XVII. Attend a Finney revival meeting, just because.

XVIII. Witness the Barebones Parliament in session.

XIX. Be smart enough to be educated at Old Princeton.

XX. Live in North Hampton, Massachusetts from 1733-1740.

XXI. Worship at 10th Presbyterian during the pastorate of Boice.

XXII. Visit L’Abri while Schaeffer was still alive.

XXIII.  Hear an exposition of Ephesians 2:8-9 from Leo X.

XXIV. Personally thank Frederick III, Elector of Saxony for housing Luther.

XXV. Lock arms with Covenanters.

XXVI. Travel with a band of Lollards.

XXVII. Listen to John Owen teach on the Song of Solomon.

XXVIII. Tarpon fish with my Grandfather around Bald Head Island.

XXIX. Share the gospel and just sit and talk with the Fort Fisher Hermit.

XXX.  Sing from the Psalter with a bunch of no-name Baptists in the late 17th Century.


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