Praying for those in Office: A Word from Whitefield

It is election time yet again. The Iowa caucus has come and gone. We still have our current President, and soon we may have a new one. We may not have a new one. But there is a duty often neglected by many Christians. The duty of praying for those who are in positions of Government power. George Whitefield gave some wise words in his day concerning King George that are applicable to us today concerning President Obama and whoever else is appointed to office.

Next to the praying for all men, we should, according to St. Paul’s rule, pray for KINGS; particularly for our present sovereign King George, and all that are put in authority under him: that we may lead quiet lives, in all godliness and honesty. For, if we consider how heavy the burden of government is, and how much the welfare of any people depends on the zeal and godly conversation of those that have the rule over them: if we set before us the many dangers and difficulties, to which governors by their station are exposed, and the continual temptations they be under to luxury and self-indulgence; we shall not only pity, but pray for them: that he who preserved Esther, David, and Josiah, “unspotted from the world,” amidst the grandeur of a court, and gave success to their designs, would also preserve them holy and unblameable, and prosper all the works of their hands upon them.

Let us pray!


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