More of Jesus – A Cordial from Octavius Winslow

Since yesterday I’ve been given a rather quick and joyful introduction to Octavius Winslow. I must say I’ve been quite impressed with what I’ve read so far. The man is a metaphysician. I came to one particular sentence in the volume I’m reading that quite honestly has pricked me to the heart. I love books. I love reading great men of God and what they’ve had to say about the glorious gospel. It can be easy to spend more time reading about the things of God than the word of God or to get excited about theology with much more brevity than one gets with the actual God of theology proper.

“Oh that among God’s dear saints there were less talking of ministers, and more of Jesus; less of sermons, ad more of the power of the truth in their souls; less of “I am of Paul,” and “I of Apollos,” and more of “I am of Christ.”

Short. Simple. To the heart.

I must challenge myself, and to those of you who read that are the armchair theologian types, or the degree on the wall theologian types, or anywhere in betwixt the two that we must be about Christ than any of the wonderful and precious gifts he has given the church. Might it be said of us that “I am of Christ.”

Christ is a better preacher than Spurgeon, a greater theologian than Calvin, a better evangelist than Whitefield, a greater hymn writer than Watts, and more praiseworthy than anything in all of creation.


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