2 Months Later

I’ve not blogged since June.

Life has been busy. I’m not one to usually post about little random events in my life. But things have been busy because one, I’m pastoring now. And two, I’m getting married to the love of my life.

I started officially as the pastor of Cheerful Hope Baptist Church on June 24th. It has been an incredible act of providence to see how God has orchestrated things to get me where I am. I’m blessed to worship with and server a great group of people who are hungry for the word of God. I just started two Sundays ago preaching through the gospel of Mark and will be posting the audio from those sermons online. We are going through the Grand Story Line of the Bible on Wednesday nights. It has been ever so beneficial to see that the Bible isn’t just a bunch of stories that illustrate theological truths. Rather the Bible is God’s story about himself and his people and he teaches us truths through the story of the Bible. God is good and growing his church. If you would like, pray for us and with us.

I’m also getting married to the most wonderful Hope Lewis on December 1st of this year. God has been far more abundant in grace by blessing me with her than I ever could have imagined. I’d share our story on here but she’s already got it posted on our wedding website. You can read it there and find out more about the wedding. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for the two of us. You can pray for us and with us also if you would like.

Today we made our ‘Save the Date’ cards. December 1, I’ll be a married man. God is good. His grace is far more abundant than I ever could fathom and beyond more than I ever deserved.

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

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