He’s Not Too Busy

I’ve heard it said that every preacher must first preach his text to himself before he can preach it to others and that ever text must grab hold of him before it can grab hold of his hearers. I’m in agreement with that statement, but some texts seem to grab hold tighter than others. My text for this coming Lord’s Day sermon is Mark 10:46-52 and it has a grip on me. It is a familiar seen throughout Mark’s gospel, Jesus heals someone. We see it time and again through Mark’s gospel. Mark is showing us that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God.

This miraculous event comes whilst Christ’s eyes are fixed like flint towards Jerusalem. This is the appointed time for him to go suffer and die to bear the wrath of God on behalf of sinners like you and I. On his way the crowds encompass him, the disciples don’t understand his mission, and no doubt the weight of the cup he is to bear is pressing upon him. While along the way a blind man named Bartimaeus hears that Jesus is coming and he yells out to Jesus to have mercy on him, and the crowds do their best to shut him up. They say that Jesus is too busy to be bothered by a begging blind man. Yet, Bartimaeus yells out again to Jesus calling him by a title that is rightfully his, ‘Son of David’ to have mercy on him. Bartimaeus might have been blind, he might not have fully understood Jesus, but he knew enough to know that the Messiah was one of compassion.

Jesus stops in his tracks and asks Bartimaeus what he wanted from him. Bartimaeus doesn’t ask for authority and power like James and John did, he just wants his sight. Jesus, the Messiah, brings sight to the blind. He gave Bartimaeus vision when he had none. He gave it to him when others thought he was too busy to be bothered.

Yet today, not set in the narrative of Mark’s gospel, but in the narrative of everyday life I hear the crowds telling the blind to shut up and not bother Jesus. I’ve heard so many think that God is far too busy to show mercy upon them. I’ve seen so many Christians think people are far to blind for the Lord to give them sight. But beloved, I tell you, the Savior is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is still compassionate. He is not too busy to show compassion and mercy on sinners like you and I. He is still imparting amazing grace to those of us who were blinded by sin, and giving us sight so now we may see. Beloved, come to the Messiah, cast you cares on him. You will never find him too busy to save, there is always time for King Jesus to save everyone who calls upon his name. Oh, and beloved of Christ, push not those blind beggars away from Christ thinking you might find him too busy. Come to Christ, he has time for you.


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