Marveling at the Work of God in Us – A Gospel Cordial from Bryan Chapell

It is beyond our imagining but necessary for our endurance to remember often that it is God’s way to work his infinite wisdom and divine power through us. This is something we will need to remember when we face obscurity when serving in a small church, when God chooses others for recognition, when failure knocks at our door, when we face anger or ridicule from foes or friends, when our envy of others in more prestigious or lucrative positions threatens to rob us of our commitment to calling, or when we wonder if the spouse God gave us is the right one. Because God is working sovereignly and personally we know that for the purposes of our own Christlikeness and his own glory he gives us the spouse he intends, the church he intends, the position he intends, and the challenges he intends. God’s provision may not always be what we would ask, and often stretches what we can imagine. But God gives us what he does in order to prepare us, to strengthen us, to humble us, to bless us, and to grow us in a greater dependency on himself and a lesser attraction to this world according to his power in us.   – Bryan Chapell, from Reformed Expository Commentary: Ephesians


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