For Those Pastors Who Don’t Have Real Jobs

To those pastors out there who do nothing, don’t have jobs, or don’t have a real job,

While you only work 1 or 2 or 3 hours out of the 168 hours in a week. Know those hours count more than you probably know.

While you are alone doing nothing, know you aren’t alone.

In the ’30 minutes’ you can throw together a sermon, continue to show yourself approved unto God. He knows your plodding.

While we all know you don’t have emotions, know there is a Great High Priest who sympathizes.

In your idle murmurings towards heaven, know the Spirit is interceding, even when you don’t have words.

When you lay awake at night or are aroused from your sleep, go to Jesus and he will give you rest.

For those of you who have another vocation, it matters too. Both your jobs are ‘real’ enough.

When you have to be a doctor, a counselor, a lawyer, and chauffeur those times aren’t unnoticed.

Those prayers you pray and hands you hold along besides, they are needed.

When you meditate your time isn’t idle, its valuable more than perhaps you even know.

When you mess up, you too can be forgiven.

When others mess up, you too can forgive.

In everything you do or ‘don’t do’ look to Christ. Your aim is the please him.

Know that your work isn’t finished. Know that your work matters. Know that you are known.

Keep plodding, keep running the race set before you.

– a fellow pastor


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