Reflecting on Mark

This week is the last week I will be preaching through Mark’s gospel. It has been a tremendous journey and blessing. It has taught me much and I pray has been of great benefit to everyone at Cheerful Hope. As I prepare to preach my last sermon I find the words Sinclair Ferguson wrote at the end of Mark (16:8) to be worthy of asking myself.

“Mark began his gospel by telling us who Jesus is. He wrote his Gospel to make us ask the question: Who is Jesus? and answer it accurately. Now he shows us the nature of a true response to Jesus. It is to be moved with a sense of awe and wonder that the Son of God came among men, and lived and died and rose again for our salvation. That sense of awe is the beginning of a new life of fellowship with a risen Lord. Has Mark’s gospel brought us to know that, yet? ” – from Let’s Study Mark

Preaching through Mark has presented Jesus as the Christ, the son of God. It has presented before me week after week the kingship of the Lord Jesus and his perfect providence. I pray that the work of trudging through Mark week after week will have an impact on those who have heard my preaching and to continue to resonate in my heart that Jesus is King and he came to give his life as a ransom for many. 


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