Resources on Mark

Having spent over a year preaching through Mark’s gospel I though it might be of benefit to share some of the resources I found particularly helpful in preaching through the book.

A.T. Robertson’s Harmony of the Gospels – I’ve always found A.T. Robertson’s works to be of benefit in study. As I preached through the gospels I found it incredibly helpful to have a harmony of the gospels to read the parallel accounts in the other gospels. Though this work is antiquated today’s readers will still find it to be helpful.  (Amazon)

R.C. Sproul’s St. Andrew’s Expository Commentary: Mark – I cannot say that every commentary I own on Mark was opened and read from cover to cover week after week. This commentary by R.C. Sproul however was a go to week after week. Sproul’s commentary isn’t a technical commentary, but he does a good job addressing Greek when needed. This volume is rich theologically, incredibly practical, and would be of great benefit of anyone studying Mark. As one preaching through the book I found that Sproul’s textual divisions were often helpful in determining how much of the text to preach from Sunday to Sunday. Reading the pages of this volume you see the work of a pastor and theologian with a desire to communicate the truths of the text. (Ligonier)

Sinclair Ferguson’s Let’s Study Mark – This isn’t the most in depth commentary on Mark’s gospel, but its concise chapters proved to yet again like Sprou’s commentary show the heart of a pastor/theologian. Ferguson took the truths of the text and its theology and put it before his readers with a challenge to respond to the text. I try not to quote too many commentaries whilst preaching, but this is one volume I found myself quoting time and again. If you’re looking for a concise and reasonably priced commentary on Mark you won’t be disappointed with this volume. (Banner of Truth)

J.C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels – Bishop Ryle’s exposition of Mark was another volume I found so sweet to read week after week. Ryle never came short in seeing the beauty of Christ the King throughout the gospel. His application of the text would astound me week after week but I never found it to be beyond the scope of what the text was teaching. Every week I share a quote on the back of our church bulletin that deals with the sermon text, quotes from this volume could be found more times than any other commentary I used in my study through Mark. This volume and the others by Bishop Ryle on the gospels should be in every minister’s library. (Banner of Truth)

R. Kent Hughes Mark: Jesus, Servant, Savior (Preach the Word) Volumes 1&2 – This is the most homiletical of the commentaries I used preaching through Mark. Hughes is a well known preacher and these sermon based volumes were very beneficial in taking the message of Mark and bringing it to my hearers. Having originally only purchased volume one, upon completing reading it I took no hesitation in ordering volume two. This is a great commentary for the application of Mark’s gospel in the Christian life. This volume dealt with the linguistics of Mark when needed, it kept the theology of Mark present throughout its pages, and dealt wonderfully with the more difficult passages in a very pastoral manner. My only fault with these volumes is that it did not deal as thoroughly with every passage and even omitted a couple passages. Yet, with that being said I still think this volume would serve the student of Mark’s gospel well. (Volume 1Volume 2 Crossway)

I hope that these recommendations can be of benefit to anyone working through Mark. I know that my journey of exposition through it was most beneficial. It was my first venture in preaching through a book verse by verse. I’ve found it to be so rewarding in my own life as well as in the lives of my church. I’d encourage other minister’s of the gospel to do the same. Mark has a big view of Jesus the Christ the Son of God. Mark answers the question of who Jesus is. That’s what we all need to know, He is the one we all need to know. Study beloved of God to show yourselves approved, and you’ll have no reason to be ashamed.


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