Why I’m Preaching Ruth

Tomorrow I begin preaching the book of Ruth at Cheerful Hope. I have several reasons why I’m preaching the book, but the most important reason is because of the Lord Jesus. Ruth certainly is a book about the individuals in its narrative, but it is also a book about the Lord Jesus. Sinclair Ferguson writes of the book of Ruth:

The book of Ruth is part of the biblical narrative of redemptive history. It describes one more stage in the purposes of God as they moved inexorably towards the final redemption of his people through Jesus Christ. No detail of the lives of our loved ones is insignificant to those of us who love them. That is also true of Jesus when we come by faith to love him the details of his life, the story of his background, his family history, all come to have a new fascination for us.


This is where the book of Ruth comes in. It focuses like a microscope on part of the detailed preparation God made in order to fulfil his purposes in redemptive history. Apparently the story of a small and insignificant family, it is actually one of the building blocks in God’s preparatory work as he sovereignly directed history towards the coming of the Savior Jesus Christ. In fact, the message of the book of Ruth cannot be understood apart from the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. In that sense, studying it will help us to understand Christ himself—and, indeed, the whole bible—more fully and clearly.


– from, Faithful God: An Exposition of the Book of Ruth


I’m excited to begin this book tomorrow and plan on sharing more insights as I work though the book. 


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