A Commentary on Judges and Ruth: A Review

Having recently spent several months teaching through Judges and Ruth I have read through several other commentaries on Judges and Ruth. This new volume by Robert B. Chisholm Jr. was a welcome addition to the student of these books of Scripture. Chisholm begins by saying, “Some readers of the Bible shy away from the book of Judges. After all, it is filled with violence and does not seem very spiritually uplifting.” Few take the time to spend in these books shy of children’s Sunday school classes and sermons on romance. For the student of these books to unfold their purpose in redemptive history and its application to today’s church these will be a valuable resource. These volume proves to be especially helpful for the preacher as Chisholm designed his commentary with exegetical study, biblical theology, and has even given helpful homiletical aids for the preacher of the text.

Chisholm’s commentary is an academic commentary and readers of this volume will need to have some familiarity with Hebrew to get the most of this commentary, though it certainly does not warrant its use to only those who have a knowledge of Hebrew. Chisholm’s interaction with other current works on Judges and Ruth is beneficial to readers and students of the text who may be using other resources. Those who are seeking to preach through either of these books will find the outlines helpful in dividing the portions of the text in preparation or scheduling for their preaching and teaching. While dealing carefully and exegetically Chisholm does what I find to be incredibly important when dealing with any biblical text, he considers its context within the context of the whole of Scripture. I would give my recommendation of this book to the student of Judges and Ruth.

You can view this volume by Kregel here.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review, per FTC guidelines from Kregel Academic. 


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