Restless in the Home: A Review

A good friend of mine Chris Canuel has written a wonderful little study on the Christian life in the home. I’ll not post a long review because the work itself isn’t very long. 

Restless in the Home is a wonderful and beneficial little book. Canuel takes a biblical look at marriage and family and presents it before his readers in a very honest and practical way. No one has a perfect marriage and no one has a perfect family because no one is perfect; and this is the honesty of this little book. Canuel’s book doesn’t leave its readers beat up in their shortcomings it takes its readers straight to Jesus. The discussion questions at the end of each chapter can be used for personal study or could be used in a small group setting. I gladly recommend the reading of this book and serious evaluation of its discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

As someone in ministry I can definitely foresee using this book in counseling, particularly marriage counseling. I commend this book to your reading and study. My wife and I both have read it and have gleaned from its pages and discussing the questions therein. The book is at an excellent price for only $.99 on Kindle and $3.59 for the print edition. You won’t go wrong with reading this book. 


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