Be Quick To Listen

R. Kent Hughes offers a great word on being “quick to hear” from James 1:19:

Briefly there are at least five things which will help make us “quick to listen.”

1)      We must work at truly listening to others. Listening requires an intense interest in the other person. As Simon Kistemaker says: “Listening is loving the neighbor as oneself; his concerns and problems are sufficiently important to be heard.” This requires eye contact and sensitivity to the other’s gestures and moods and silences.

2)      We must limit our exposure to the visual media. If we do not control our time, the media will! And if they do, they will impair our ability to hear.

3)      We must read God’s Word, and that involved more than advancing a boomark. It means “listening” as we read.

4)      We must slow down and take time to listen, perhaps praying Samuel’s eager words, “Speak, for your servant is listening.” (1 Samuel 3:10)

5)      We must prepare for worship and the hearing of God’s Word. For many, the time before Sunday church is the most stress-filled time of the week. I may be wrong, but I suspect there are more fights in Christian households on Sunday mornings than any other time. We must prepare not to have this happen, beginning the night before. Ever so practical, Pastor James says we must “be quick to listen.” This is a continuous command (present active imperative) —that is, we are to keep at it. It is the first duty of those who would profit by the word. 


– from, Preach the Word: James: Faith that Works.

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