Set Your Heart to Study the Bible

“You may find all sorts of things offered to you as more relevant ways to pursue the growth of the church. These programs and strategies may even be offered to you from people teaching at the seminary, in classes taught at the seminary. Set your heart to study the Bible, do the Bible, and teach the Bible. No method, program, or initiative–not even a Great Commission Resurgence–can be more effective than the power of the living and active Word of God. Listen to Psalm 119:118: “You reject all who stray from your statutes, for their deceit is a lie.”

Set your heart to learn the Scriptures. Do not settle for anything else. Do not get distracted from the Scriptures with nifty tricks or culturally savvy insights. People need Jesus. Jesus is revealed in the Bible. The Spirit uses the Bible to open eyes to see Christ. God the Father has been pleased to give us a book, words inked on pages, written by humans inspired by the Spirit. Do not get so lost in books written by the uninspired that you cannot find your way to the Bible.”

– James Hamilton from, Christ-Centered Exposition: Ezra-Nehemiah.


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