Holman Old Testament Commentary Set: A Review

I recently received the Holman Old Testament Commentary Set. I’ll be perfectly honest, it wasn’t a set I normally would have given much attention to. Typically inexpensive commentaries that aren’t the most academic don’t catch my attention. However, I must confess I have been pleasantly surprised with Holman Old Testament Commentary series. The series covers every book of the Old Testament. They are not the most detailed of commentaries like many academic series are, but the HOTC does a good job of covering the main details that need to be covered without getting bogged down in the minor details that truthfully most preachers aren’t going to share in their preaching and teaching. One of the things these volumes do really well is it’s chapter and verse divisions of the Biblical text. The teaching outlines can certainly be used by anyone preaching or teaching the Biblical text. One of the interesting things about this series is that every chapter begins with a quote. Each quote comes from a different person and deals with the subject matter of the chapter at hand. These intrigued me and sometimes they’ve found themselves worked into a sermon. While, not every volume is identical, some give a slightly different layout concerning application than others. Certainly like with any set of commentaries particular volumes are much better than others. The two volumes by Steve Lawson on the Psalms are my favorites so far. All and all though, I’ve found these volumes to be rather beneficial.

These volumes might not be the beneficial to the student writing an academic paper, but to pastors and teachers I find them to be worthwhile volumes. I think these would take a valuable place in a church library, or in a pastor’s study. One group that could benefit tremendously from these volumes would be Sunday School teachers. All of that being said, they certainly could find themselves in anyone’s library who is a student of scripture, teacher or not, and have great benefit to their readers. On top of all of this they come at a great price of only $19.99 per volume for a hardback, that’s pretty hard to beat. If you are interested in purchasing the series you can find them here through B&H Publishing.


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