On Mission in Montana: Day 2

We have made it to Montana. Yesterday was a day spent mostly at 30,000′ above the earth and in airports and so I didn’t get a chance to update the blog. We had pretty easy flying and quite literally flew off into the sunset the further west we traveled. It was quite amazing seeing the 9:50 sunset in Missoila last night. The Rockies are ever presently displaying the glory of God. 

We finally made it to Pablo Baptist Church around midnight and managed to get settled after meeting part of the team here on the ground already.

This morning (Sunday) we began the day with a timely devotion on serving for the glory of God. I made it my prayer this morning to resound with the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 96. It’s my prayer that in this area that almost 98% unchurched/lost would come to behold the glory of God in the face and light of Jesus. 

Following our time of devotion we worshiped together with Pablo Baptist. We heard a great message from Pastor Kelly and were blessed with a time of corporate prayer that included praying for the mission teams who are here. 

Shortly after the worship service we headed into Arlee for the Pow Wow. The tribe has graciously allowed Pablo Baptist and the mission teams to serve during the Celebration. While they asked that we did not openly seek to evangelize, we were given the opportunity to do so if it came up in conversation. Several different things were done today to help seek to build relationships with the Natives here on the reservation. Members of the team picked up trash, played with kids, and walked and prayed. By God’s grace these things are having a positive impact with the tribes and allowing further relationships to be built. 

We had a providential encounter almost immediately after getting to the Pow Wow when someone asked to borrow a phone. The simple use of a cell phone allowed us to have a gospel centered conversation and pray with a man who had just experienced a death in his family. We are praying for more opportunities like this. 

Tomorrow we will begin to work on preparations for the day camp in St. Ignatius and spend the afternoon back at the Pow Wow. Please continue to pray for the people here who acknowledge a creator, but don’t recognize that to be the crucified, buried, and risen Jesus. Pray for the mission teams who are here from: North Carolina, Montana, Tennessee, and Missisppi. Pray for the churches that our work will compliment theirs, people will come to faith, and God will be glorified.

soli deo gloria 


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