On Mission in Montana: Day 3

Coffee, Pancakes, Short-handled shoves, and Bison are the things of our third day in Montana. Our Oak Grove team is on the cook team and is cooking and making sure lunches are packed for our team. Today that will step up to cooking for food the team an an estimated 120 kids at the day camp.

Following breakfast we made our way to St. Ignatius to help with preparations for the kids camp that begins this evening. The major portion of the preparation yesterday was putting up a rather large tent. This allowed us to work closely with some of the team from Tennessee and Montana. The tent is held by tension on all sides by a large number of stakes and ropes. In the process of driving this stakes into the ground the handle of the sledge hammer managed to break. Thankfully after some ingenuity and a little whittling we managed to have a short handled hammer that got the job done. 

After we put up the tent we went back to the final day of the Pow Wow in Arlee and observed quite a bit of the celebration including an honoring of all the veterans who had served from the Tribes. The sense of honor and respect the Tribes have is quite admirable. 

After cooking supper for the teams we were given quite a treat. Pastor Allen of the River Church in Hamilton took us to the National Bison Range. The Mission Mountains are nothing short of breathtaking and being able to see Bison, Antelope, Mule Deer, Bighorn Sheep, and Elk was just icing on the proverbial cake of being able to ride through the Range. There’s no doubt in my mind why the native people readily acknowledge a creator as we observe the natural beauty of this area. 

Today we are headed to Missoula to purchase food and supplies for the camp this week. We ask that you pray that we can reach the children we anticipate and their families with the gospel. Every bit of progress made during the camp and benefit the churches in the area in their ongoing work as missionaries in a very lost region. 

soli deo gloria


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