On Mission in Montana: Day 4

I’m not sure you can go on a Mission trip without having biscuits and gravy. This morning was no exception as my recommendation to make them came to fruition. Kevin is our designated biscuit maker at all breakfast functions at Oak Grove and he did a dandy job making biscuits for our team this morning. Tracie has become our designated coffee maker as there is no room for weak coffee in Montana. I do confess it has been different spending more time serving in a support role rather than an “on the field” role, but today proved to be a day filled with both. 

Part of our duties for the day on the food team was to head into Missoula to Costco. We all divided up and before it was all said and done we had two flat carts and two regular carts full of supplies for the team and our Bible camp in St. Ignatius. Tonight was the first night we cooked for the Bible Camp and we kept things simple with hot dogs and chips. Following serving dinner we all found ourselves working with the kids at the camp our team is hosting along with a local pastor. 

Kevin and Tracie headed up the archery station. The kids really seemed to enjoy taking a few shots and some had never shot a bow before. I ended up helping one of the interns with a group of kids and floating around wherever needed. I can honestly say I’ve never been in a Tipi before to do ministry, but today we sang and heard Bible stories inside of one. 

The theme and story for the night was the Prodigal Son. The crafts, snack, skit, and stories all reflected the story. It was not only a joy to see the kids hear the story it also was good to be reminded of God’s grace and forgiveness myself. 

Even now as we head back the work for the day isn’t all done, but knowing that Jesus is being proclaimed and honored helps keep the tiredness and frustrations in perspective. 

We ask that you would pray for us in the next coming days as we continue to minster to the kids and their families at Bible Camp. 

soli deo gloria


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