Head West Young Man – On Mission to Montana, Again

Last year I had the incredible privilege of going on a mission trip with a couple of folks from church to Montana. I wrote about our anticipations and how to pray for that trip in this post. You always have different expectations going to a new place and your expectations are sometimes met and sometimes they aren’t. Having been to Montana last summer I’ve got a different perspective about the trip this year. That being said, this years trip will be a little different and I’m not entirely sure what to expect.

This year the team going will be a little different. I’ll be going with my lovely wife and my good friend Jeff Burns who is a pastor in Greensboro.

Last year we did a Bible Camp (think VBS in the most beautiful setting you can imagine) in a town with no, I repeat no, evangelical church. We’ll be spending the first part of the trip there in St. Ignatius again doing Bible Camp. There are some incredible kids out there that came every night to eat, play, and learn about Jesus. That last part is a big deal when you consider there is no evangelical church in their town and the entire state of Montana is only 1.5%, not 15, but 1.5% evangelical. We’re praying we can reach the kids and their families and hopefully see some of the same kids we saw last year.


During the second half of the week and during Bible Camp we’re gonna be doing our best to help canvas the reservation with hopes of helping future church plants. We’re partnering with a great church out of Tennessee who has sent a missionary there for the year to help with the church planting efforts. It is hard for us who live in the Bible belt to imagine a town without churches, let alone no Baptist churches. But the need is tremendous in Montana because as our NAMB president said this week at the Southern Baptist Convention, “church planting is evangelism.” Church plants in this kind of area aren’t like the church splits many of us have seen in the rural south that we call “church plants” these are gospel outposts in a land that is dark and needing of Jesus. We’ll be spending time intentionally praying for areas, canvasing, and trying to establish relationships in the communities.


This is one of the things I’m most excited about, I see a tremendous potential for our church to continue to partner with other churches to see churches planted in an area where there is a tremendous need. Not only can we be involved financially, we can pray, and help to do work on the ground.

I’ll ask as I did last year, will you join me in praying for this upcoming trip to Montana? Will you pray:

  1. Pray that our hearts will be open to serve and sensitive to the work of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Pray for the children and families we will meet during the kids camp in St. Ignatius.
  3. Pray that the Lord would already be at work in the lives and hearts of the people we will come in contact with to be receptive to the gospel.
  4. Pray for the churches we will be serving alongside of that we can help in their mission.
  5. Pray that churches would be established on the Reservation and throughout Montana.
  6. Pray for the interns from our local association spending the summer on mission in Montana.
  7. Pray for the people that we will encounter in the airports and on the planes.
  8. Pray for our families while we are gone away from them.
  9. Pray for safe and speedy travel during this holiday weekend and upon return.
  10. Pray for Oak Grove Baptist Church and Shepherd’s Fellowship Greensboro in our absence.
  11. Pray for the continued work throughout the entire summer in Montana.

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